WELCOME to Green Building Virtual Expo!

  • To access the Virtual Platform, please register by going to the "Visitor Registration" menu and fill in all the fields. Once, you complete registration, a confirmation email will be received. Please, use the username and password to login on the day of the event.
  • In the Exhibit Hall, click on the booths to learn more about the companies and their services. You may also navigate to a booth by using the Companies Index on the bottom left.
  • Within each booth, view informational Documents or Videos. Click on "View" button to open documents and to play videos.
  • Click on the Resources tab to view documents from all booths. Click on the “+Swag Bag” button to add the document to the “Swag Bag”.
  • Click on the Video Vault tab to watch videos from all booths.
  • Click on the Swag Bag tab to view documents that have been added to swag bag. Email documents of your choice to read them later.
  • Check out the auditorium to view live sessions.
  • Click on the ‘Chat’ tab in the booth and you’ll be taken to the Chat Room. You can also go to chat using the ‘Networking’ tab from the Exhibit Hall. You can send messages that everyone can read/reply to. To initiate a private chat, click on an online user and you’ll see the option to invite them for a private chat.

Thank you for visiting!